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Archive for: July, 2020

2:16 pm

The new PHP 8.0 (alpha) release has been added to the Control Panel

Recently, the PHP team has announced the first testing release of PHP 8.0.0, Alpha. This has started the release cycle of PHP 8.0 which is expected to make its official, in-production debut by the end of the year. PHP 8.0 represents a new major version that will introduce some breaking changes, as well as a[continue...]

5:35 pm

A few important updates to the PHP Settings section of the Control Panel

Our developers may be working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but they are definitely not slacking off. They keep working hard on a few important projects and in the meantime have made a significant update to the PHP Settings section of the Web Hosting Control Panel. Here is what the new changes are[continue...]

4:54 pm

Arabic added to the list of languages “spoken” by the Control Panel

We keep extending the geographic targetability of our Web Hosting Control Panel – Arabic has just been added to the list of available language options. This will help users from a large number of countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to take advantage of your web hosting services in their native tongue. Learn[continue...]

4:40 pm

An option to edit the PHP version per host enabled in the Control Panel

A new option in the Web Hosting Control Panel will now empower users to choose which PHP version to use for their projects with a click of the mouse. This will enhance the level of control you and your customers have over the PHP version of your web hosting account(s) and will allow you to[continue...]

4:00 pm

Tutorial Download Script Web Panel SMM [Free SMM] – Gratis

Related posts: How to Download and Use Font Awesome 5 Icons Tutorial | HTML,CSS Web Design offline & CDN Font Awesome is the popular web Icons .You can use... Wholesale Ubuntu VPS with a Free Hepsia Control Panel Sign up with ResellersPanel now and get Ubuntu VPS packages... Wholesale Debian VPS with a Free Hepsia[continue...]

9:47 pm

Start Your Own Hosting Business – Free Reseller Program

We, at #WebHosting Resellers Panel (http://goo.gl/NW4jeL), have over half a decade of experience in reseller web hosting and have everything you need to help you succeed as a #HostingReseller. But don't think this is only for computer experts, anyone can…

11:58 am

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